What is the Rhinebeck Jewish Center?

The RJC is a Nusach Ari modern orthodox style congregation with a chassidic flair in the quaint village of Rhinebeck NY. The RJC caters to both locals, weekenders and tourist alike.

How it began
In 2007 Rabbi Hanoch & Tzivie Hecht moved to Rhinebeck to open the center a place where individuals from all backgrounds would feel welcome.

Our Philosophy

Imagine a place where every person – from the inexperienced in background and practice, to the most learned – could feel at home. Imagine a place where children could play and learn and develop their identities; where senior adults could share their wisdom; where parents could learn how to transmit the joy and beauty of our heritage on to the next generation. Imagine a place where learning and laughter, sacred and mundane, spiritual and physical, come together in an inviting atmosphere of warmth and acceptance.

You have just imagine the Rhinebeck Jewish Center and Chabad of Dutchess County – a place where Judaism comes vibrantly and joyously alive

A word from the Directors:

Dear Friend,

Greetings. In 2007 we moved to the Rhinebeck/Northern Dutchess County community and opened our doors. Since then, we’ve grown immensely in every way imaginable. Being a chabad institution, we are inspired by the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and are dedicated to serving the Jewish Community with warmth and joy. With genuine love and unquestioning acceptance of each and every Jew, the integral philosophy of Chabad and the RJC forever remains that each Jew has an irreplaceable, important role in the world at large and in our community in particular.

Our mission at the RJC is to promote and strengthen Jewish awareness, pride, and observance by providing educational, cultural, and social activities to all Jewish individuals and families regardless of prior or current background and affiliation. Aside from that, we are also here to help anyone who needs us, in any way we possibly can.

We love being here amd we look forward to continue working with you to enhance this growing Jewish community.



Rabbi Hanoch and Tzivie Hecht

The Rhinebeck Jewish Center

Located at 102 Montgomery St Rhinebeck NY 12572.

Contact us at 845 876 7666