The Rhinebeck Jewish Center & Chabad offer a wide range of programs for the entire Jewish community. No membership is necessary, and all are welcome  — regardless of affiliation or background.

The Rhinebeck Jewish Center & Chabad provide a non-judgmental, welcoming environment for Jewish families and individuals to explore our rich heritage.

Serving the local community with programs such as:

shabbos.jpgShabbat - Celebrate the beauty of Shabbat through prayer, song, and a traditional Shabbat meal. Shabbat experience includes: Shabbat Sevices,  special children's programs, friday night dinners, and Shabbatons


holiday.jpgHoliday Events & Awareness Programs - Check our calendar for holiday events. There is always something going on, be it a Shofar workshop for Rosh Hashanah, A Sukkot Festival, Chanukah Menorah lighting, Passover Seder, or Cheesecake Shavuos Kiddush!


WOW.jpgW.O.W (Women of Wonder) - This monthly program incorporates stimulating lectures, worshops, and discussion groups as women join together to explore contemporary Jewish issues. Soup Salad & Soul, Jeish art, and cooking classes add to the spice and spirit of W.O.W.


torah study.jpg Adult Education - the RJC offers a wide array of Jewish classes, from basic study to Kabbalah. our program includes: seminars and workshops, guest lecturers, weekly torah study, one-on-one study with the Rabbi or the Rebbetzin, Torah e-mail, and the innovative six-minute Torah class.


child making matzah.jpg Youth Activities - The RJC, through its year-round programs, provides a multitude of exciting enrichment programs for children of all ages. hands on holiday workshops allow your child to create his or her own Shofar, squeeze olives for oil to light the menorah, and bake matzah for passover. JEwish themed story times at the local libraries help link Jewish teaching and learning to Jewish practicing and living!


college.jpgLocal College Students - the RJC offers college students in the Dutchess County area a home away from home. students can participate in Shabbat dinners, community projects, and lectures. the RJC also hosts special events and workshops exclusively for the student bodies.


mezuzah.jpgMezuzah Bank - A Mezuzah on the door is a great and easy mitzvah. We can help you by lending you a Mezuzah temporarily or helping you buy your own, simply contact us by phone - 845-876-7666 or email


teffilin.jpgTefilin Bank - If you need Tefilin for your morning prayers and you don\'t have any with you, feel free to make use of our Tefilin bank. Contact Chabad of Duchess County to learn more about this special mitzvah.

Pastoral Counseling - Unfortunately, we all have our down moments in life and have the need for a friend or simply someone to talk to. Pastoral Counseling is available to all that need it. We are available to counsel anyone going through a difficulty who needs someone to talk to. We are your shoulder to lean on.


tfhs.jpgToys for Hospitalized Children - Toys-for-Hospitalized-Children is a non-denominational program that reaches out and brings gifts to children in hospitals as well as adults in hospitals or homes. We are looking for volunteers to take part in this worthy cause. If you would like to get involved let us know.